Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Yes, things, all sorts, stuff, and the rest, all happening around here. firstly the tracklist and release date (october time) for the cable tribute has been announced and also the order in which the tracks are getting streamed on myspace(?!?) this is news But anyway we are grateful to signature tune records and drowned in sound for letting the people know. We recorded a version of the Clairvoyant off the blue birds are blue single which has long been a favourite where myself and Mr Chandler are concerned. Other releases from our own sleeves are planned for the autumn.. more on that later in the year.. Firstly we are off to Holland as half of blood red shoes is going on holiday so we're pinching the other half.

12/9 Amsterdam Upstairs at the Paradiso, Transformed dreams night
13/9 Utrecht Ekko
15/9 Castricum Bakerij w/ persil and zea

nice we're also hoping to do some dates with the BRS duo in Spain in October.

No Uk dates booked 'til Late October, but we may do some bits and bobs if we get asked to do anything good! HINT HINT

Good Things
Aotea's set last week in London, scratchy unpleasantness from the fens, the blood red shoes radio session for huw stephen's broadcast tonight or archived for a week herenice. Also Film four being free and showing a load of studio Ghibli movies, perfect for the underemployed
TA ian

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


pinch, punch, first of the month.

Big up to the east of England, Piers and I just spent a fruitful weekend bringing the duo style econoline to suffolk and Norfolk, whilst enjoying the comforts of east anglia of an evening. Thanks must go out to Beat Motel zine in Ipswich and Wombat Wombat in Norwich for their respective all dayer organisational skills. Thanks must also go to the metereological conditions over the weekend and their clemency yesterday which enabled us to sit my the seaside and eat our packed lunch before going to mix four tracks with Mr Steven Ansell, of Blood red shoes soon to be fame. They sound great and we're also very pleased with our home recorded stuff, the four songs off the shirt EP (re mixed and mastered), and six more songs that we recorded ourselves, so that's looking like an album right there, details to follow. We have two more shows coming up


7/8 Cambridge The Loft upstairs at the graduate, £3 in, it's acoustic set time.

8/8 London catch 22 Howl presents, econoline, october all over, aotea and one more, it's ROCK set time we are joined by mr Timothy Hall formerly of hey colossus to fill out the sound.

more to come


Our friend the atom's set on saturday, the rebecca's on sunday, the barbeque piers and I managed to assemble, light, keep going, and actually cook on on friday.. All good.

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