Friday, June 30, 2006


isn't it wasn't it

The best thing about the world cup so far you ask? Well i'd have to go for Damo Suzuki's rant about not being able to get home through the crowds. I urge everyone to sign up to his mailing list to get his amazing emails, the man can not only still "bring it" with a stageful of random blokes every night with his sound carrying antics, he also has alot to say about wherever it is he's just been. SO I'll follow his lead, Last weeks show with De Rosa was jolly nice, and enlivened by many anecdotes from Chemikal Underground's head honcho's who were accompanying their charges around the UK. The band themselves were mighty personable and rocked it up live, the Metro is kind of an odd shape, but the sound guy was a good chap, who seemed to take a great delight in playing songs each band had clearly ripped off women of the world take over by Jim 'O' Rourke got the nod after we played. It was also good to see some of old friends at the show, hat's off for missing the end of the football. Anyway we are in the process of booking some more ROCK gigs in august, news on those as we have them, and finalising our plans for our trips to Holland and Spain for later in the year, 'til then.


18/7 Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London for a badge of friendship with our good friends last of the real hardmen

29/7The Steamboat, Ipswich, all dayer we're on outside in the garden, nice!

30/7Waterloo Park, Norwich, another all dayer and we're on outside in a bandstand for Wombat Wombat, lovely. Bring sunblock!

Our album "this band isn't funny anymore" g should Barring disasters be in the real honest to goodness shops.. So perhaps mosey along to your favourite independent outlet and get one! (or order direct from the links below if you don't want to leave the comfort of your burrow)

Good things
Having moved, I can say that good things are.. getting other people to do moving for you, because it's hard. Last week I took my car to be serviced.. a headlight bulb wanted replacing.. they told me they didn't like to replace these bulbs as it was "hard".. I think i will try this in my next job.. Sorry I don't want to do that, it's a bit.. well you know, difficult, is that okay? That'll be £300 anyway. THANKS. BUT I DIGRESS.. Other good things leaving work as you get presents, and get to watch interesting documentaries about easter island.. Their big mistake.. Cutting down all the trees. I could've told them that, but who asked me.. Thanks for reading, Ian.

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