Monday, April 10, 2006



From our tour! Despite injuring my head, catching a cold, and spending roughly half of every day driving, it was a jolly good time. Much thanks must go out to the numerous promoters and top people that let us stay in their house and all the bands who played with us. I will be going through all their myspaces/ websites and putting up links here and on our myspace. I also managed to pick up some great second hand records from rob's in nottingham, and we also ate extremely well! Two more dates in the next week

15/4/06 Manchester the Klondyke, Bearsuit, Voo, econolone (solo show)

18/4/06 London The Vibe Bar, Projections, econoline, Muchos Perros FREE A badge of Friendship night

GOOD THINGS Too numerous to mention, Getting home to Jane was actually the best I think! But projections sets in newcastle and oxford rank highly, also watching thin lizzy 'til 4am in nottingham and the Adelphi in Hull in general!.. AWESOME.

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