Wednesday, March 22, 2006


TOUR (and more radio news)

Yes, drowned in sound radio got in on the "playing songs from the new econoline album" trend last week, it's not been broadcast yet but you can subscribe to it via Itune and hear us and many other good things from the drowned in sound people.. get it here, in other news after some VERY last minute shifting about, our tour is ready to go

with Steve A' from blood red shoes on tubs, and his other band projections accompanying us

1/4/06,LONDON The Old Blue last, great eastern road, shoreditch

FREE GIG! It's the right price, come and see our first show with Steve drumming and enjoy the sights and sounds of London's fashionable east end.

2/4/06 NORWICH The Ferryboat, King street

w/ Pfaff, Giant Robot and the city of Tokyo, EARLY START

3/4/06HULL The New Adelphi Club

w/ Pfaff, free show plus CHEAP PINTS!

4/4/06 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE The Stout Fiddler, Newbridge Street

w/ chippewa falls, black static

5/4/06NOTTINGHAMDAMN YOU! presents at the Bunker's hill Inn, hockley

w/ Scarecrows, (ex Murder Of...)

6/4/06OXFORD The Cellar, Frewin Court

Big Hair Indie rock club 'til 2AM w/ Sunnyvale noise subelement

7/4/06BRIGHTON The Freebutt

NO PROJECTIONS! but with Fell City Girl

15/4/06 MANCHESTER The Klondyke, Levenshulme

econolone solo show with Bearsuit, Voo

18/4/06LONDONThe Vibe Bar, Brick Lane

GRAND FINALE FREE SHOW Projections econoline and muchos perros

please come along and say hello, and if you like buy a copy of "this band isn't funny anymore",

Wednesday, March 15, 2006



yes firstly on monday pretty music for ugly people on Imperial College radio in west london, played our song "the columbia" and then yesterday Huw Stephens played "chicks dig scars" as the last song on his show. IT'S LIKE BEING IN A REAL BAND!

Monday, March 13, 2006



obviously taking umbrage at my weak joke about snow in the last blog I posted this is what happened in the course of about two hours in glasgow on saturday

Image hosting by Photobucket

carnage! We ending up deciding the fighting under dressed mentalists for cab's in the middle of glasgow was a fool's errand and walked home with all our gear like real punk rockers should.. and in the morning when we had to go home it was still SNOWING!

Image hosting by Photobucket

In the background there is Alastair, marceline Uter's flatmate who stoically lead us all the way home and then manfully got up and helped us to carry our stuff to Queen street station! awesome.

GOOD STUFF MONO in glasgow, how can no one in london have opened a combined boozer/ organic food shop/ restaurant and record store! Many purchases were made, including the new my latest novel album, which is great and the erorrs album on rock action which i've not checked out yet but which comes highly recommended, Piers picked up Hood's "cold house" really cheap, and we also hit Avalanche and got a few other things there too. What a town, except for the bloody snow. Thanks to Uter and mar-c in particular for letting us stay in her new house, next stop, no holds barred rocking out complete with sleeveless vests and steve ansell on the tubs, if the rehearsals are anything to go by i may even get thin by the end of the gigs. For all the dates see below, and have a look at MYSPACE for some of the tunes we're doing. The two unreleased tracks on there are going to be on a 7" that we're going to release later in the spring, with two of our folk/ electronic tracks too. THANKS FOR READING STAY WARM IF YOU'RE NORTH OF THE BORDER! ta ian.

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