Monday, February 20, 2006



YES! Our record is out, we did the release party on friday at the Buffalo Bar and it was ace! Even though I did miss all of an emergency and most of foals cos I was doing the door! Boo to door people who go to parties! Thanks to all the other bands for lending us stuff and not minding that we headlined despite not having played in over a year! It was great to be onstage making a racket like that, but was really weird, I think we got into it about half way through! Good to see Rowan our old guitar player, and also to have the likes of Chris Summerlin (another former guitarist), and Bob Davis (a former oi band member) in the crowd. More news on the release dates to shops etc to come, 'til then hit stupidcat's myspace page and paypal them your money. There's even a very quick off the mark review at opposition T comparing us to belle and sebastien, the cocteau twins, the cure and genesis! AWESOME!. lot's of gigs coming up as one would expect at such a point


Uter/ econoline mini tour THING, We have a split tour CDr put together for this I made the card covers last night!

23/2 THE CELLAR, OXFORD w uter/ hellset orchestra
24/2 THE FREEBUTT, BRIGHTON uter/ slipstream(ex spiritualised) (no econoline)
25/2 THE NOTTING HILL ARTS CENRE, LONDON RoTa afternoon free show w/ uter/ fupper/ SP No econoline
27/2 THE GLASSHOUSE/ BAR VIDA, DERBY Ponce show with the Dust collectors (no Uter)

and then a return fixture in Scotland

10/3 THE SWAMPBAR, CALEDONIAN BACKPACKER'S, EDINBURGHBaby Tiger show with Uter and North Atlantic oscillation

There's a few more maybe's in march, and then a week in April with some more dotted about. thanks for reading. There's new tracks online at the myspace too, including our version of schizophrenia which will be on the tour CDr with Uter. TA ian


The Magic numbers last week in brixton, Chris Brokaw on saturday night in Stoke Newington, Chris S' new last of the real hardmen stuff which we were recording bits of on saturday, seeing Owen Tromans and Matt Tagney in a kind of old time gringo records reunion, earth's new album "hex.. etc", and special offer 3 tubs of biscuit type things from M & S simply food for a fiver . GOOD. VALUE.

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