Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Christ I'm a funny guy! So yes both of our last two shows have involved some hefty amount of car travel through the inside of a snow shaker... Piers and I went down to Brighton on thursday to practice with Steve A' from projections etc in car covered in snow (although there was none in Brighton, too much sun sea and sand I guess).. and then drove to oxford for that evenings gig to be confronted with even more blizzardish conditions. We actually had to park outside the eagle and child, so maybe it was some kind of lord of the rings related weather oddness. To top that I drove back from derby's solo gig last night (monday).. through some properly terrifying, slow down to 10 mile an hour cos you can't see snow storms on the M1, and it was only raining in Derby! Anyway thanks to all the folks we played with uter, were (snow) storming, and appropriately icy and futuristic in oxford, headliners hellset orchestra were also thoroughly enjoyable (although they remained a bone of contention with some folks, I dug their van ger graf generator/ Sensational alex harvey band stuff. and in London at RoTa, where SP provided able laptop support with a nice Davros related monologue as well, and Fupper impressed me again with Simon's continually evolving setup, now involving loops and laptop with live guitar and singing.. very nice. Last night was very nice too with Dave from Plans and Apologies acing what turned out to be his first ever solo show... which i guess makes a big difference if there's normally 6 other people in the band, and biff from empemetry doing a cracking version of "accident waiting to happen" by Billy Bragg!

Something of a novelty for us these days, there are some reviews of our recent gigs up! One of London's launch show at drownedinsound and a commendably fast Oxford one at Oxfordbands.com. Nice

GIGS here's what's coming up
10/3 THE SWAMPBAR, CALEDONIAN BACKPACKER'S, EDINBURGHBaby Tiger show with Uter and North Atlantic oscillation

more tbc in March and April
Scrubs being on pretty much all day at the weekend on paramount comedy! The new absentee album Shmotime, and the new Field music b sides comp' which i blagged at the weekend, My latest novel and Jeffrey lewis last week who were great at the Luminaire which incidentally won london venue of the year in Time Out AND DESERVED IT hats off to them. Although the cake shop next door was nowhere near as good as it looked like it was going to be.. urrrrr. Ta ian.

I have to disagree. the cake shop is superior when it comes to apple pie with squirty cream.
It was the cream that did for me, just too sweet! the first half of the cake I had was nice, but upon reaching the half way point.. i had to concede defeat!
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