Wednesday, January 11, 2006



YES hooray indeed for the good people at The Luminaire in Kilburn easily the best new venue in London. They treated us Six toes and the wolf tracks marvellously well, bands if they offer you a gig do it! People if there's something interesting happening there GO THERE. It took Jane an hour to get there from Sutton, which is less than it takes to get to the garage, and it's a much nicer venue! JUST GO THERE. ANYWAY.. news.. econoline's second album (recording for which began in March 2003) "this band isn't funny anymore" is finally done, the artwork was finished by my brother the lovely man, and the final package was chipped to Rachel and Andy Stupidcat at Dave Croft's birthday and all agreed that lo it was a good job it was finally over, so to celebrate



+ Foals
and some more maybe

for one night only we are reuniting the four piece like that robot out of starfleet to kick some rock ass, i think it's free if you join the silver rocket mailing list.. so hi yee to silver rocket's myspace to sort that out.. Also I think they're going to put some of our songs on their myspace as it doesn't seem to like my mac and I can't upload the songs to it. oh well!

other gigs coming up

21/1 NORBURY PARTY CENTRAL HOLLER at our buddy Tim Holehouse's house party


Hellset orchestra, uter

I've also sorted out Uter with some other gigs including 24/2 at the freebutt in Brighton so people at the seaside can check out their smashing electro shoegazery

more tbc including aberdeen, glasgow and edinburgh in March, plus some shows round the south east with Six toes. Then a proper tour in April, with Projections from Brighton. We want to go all over the country for that one so get in touch!

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