Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Hopefully everyone's holidays were of great benefit and interest to them, mine were, in that I did very little and got a load of STUFF out of it. Not bad. Our show in Margate was massively smart due to a) the fact that Jane drove and I was leathered, b) Little lights were excellent and Ollie and Penny had done a jolly good job, i suggest that people get in touch with them if they want to play by the seaside (leave a message and I'll give you their contact) c) KRIS THRASH was there. enough said.


certain things are under way including

10/1 The Luminaire Kilburn with Six toes
21/10 AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION IN NORBURY.. at our mate Tim Holehouse's house party
17/2 The Buffalo Bar Highbury Corner very special gig.. more details as and when!
23/2 The Cellar, Oxford w/ Hellset Orchestra and UTER

more to be announced through feb' and march. I'll be posting some pic's of the very very last few CDr EP's we have, these are special editions with TIES! nice. Thanks for listening. ian

GOOD THINGS Candy Sniper at the Bull and Gate this thursday, go check them out, there's also some crazy ass French prog core band on the bill. Next thursday at the Bull and Gate it's Slow gun (piers' other band of breeders style goodness) so that's the 5th and 12th of January.. HI YEE to KENTISH TOWN. It's also my mate Dave Croft's birthday on sunday which he shares with Elvis and David Bowie. Not bad for just one day of the year.

hurrah that yo're back on the, er, 'scene' mr ian, looking forward to the one off reform gig next month too :) anyway, would you mind passing on the details of your seaside promoter peeps for us? my email is amyblueukathotmail.com
and I'll buy you a beer! thankee
Oh well, that's that secret out the bag! Never mind. But yes that's the case more details.. later this week.
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