Saturday, December 03, 2005



So thanks must be doled out toAndy Z' for his stirling efforts at putting on the show I played at the Betsy trotwood in london last week, there are pictures which also feature Simon" Fupper" Hughes, check out his BUSINESS. Looking forward to going up to Nottingham tommorow for Rainer Maria, then rehearsing for the Econoline ROCK band experience with Piers monday night, to prepare for severl two piece gigs in december, NB the shirt CDr's have nearly all run out, I think there's around 14 left.. and some of those are spoken for. So if you want one (bearing in mind I flogged about 20 over the course of the last three gigs), leave a message here. TA ian

The Voo Seven inch, I finally got a chance to listen to, great, catchy, buzzy, power pop type stuff, Future Corpses on State of distress, an embryonic Dirty 3/ Reynolds post rock band of goodness from my old college. (never mind, I don't hold it against them). Braising, (anything is good cooked in wine), Camera Obscura live the other day, and the new series of Peep show on channel 4.

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