Monday, December 05, 2005


Thanks ALL!

Ta to all the people who put me on last week (luke and drew birdwar, andy and Meng' in manchester, Andy Lone Pilot in london, and Helen and CJ in Nott's last night) all the solo shows were really good fun! Thanks to everyone who came, and to those kind souls that bought a CDr too! Some more gigs over the next week or so, with the pair of us!

10th Decemberthe Star Guildford, with our old buddies caretaker and our soon to be buddies flatlands. Both of whom are significantly heavy ass.

16th December
The King's Head Crouch End, Xmas party for the Local people
Bikini Atol
The singing Adams
Hush The Many
Spencer de Vere

+ many more all doing 10 min's apparently, some drinking implied.

22nd December Que Bar, Margate with Little Lights MERRY CHRISTMAS

GOOD thingspicking up high on fire's "surrounded by thieves", Black Flag's "first four years" and Hot Snakes "automatic Midnight" in vinyl last night at the rainer maria show. also Rainer Maria playing "breakfast of champions" which absolutely ruled! And making your own fishcakes (i can thoroughly recommend it). Those at a loose end on the internet this week could also do worse than checking out a special show that went out on monday morning at 1am on radio 1. a tribute to the white album featuring, deerhoof, bardo pond, Part Chimp, songs of green pheasant, Lords, mark mulcahy, and a horde of others (inlcuding my other band Hey Colossus though they cut our version of Long long long off before we got the super hawkwind ending!) check it at radio 1

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