Tuesday, November 22, 2005



Heads up if you want to read an edifying ten questions type interview with me, there are two of them on that internet right now one at Tasty zine and one at Diskant's Weblog so that might waste a moment of work time! Our gig last week with Jeffrey Lewis was ace, he was great, played with a drummer and a bass player and was backed up by a girl from Bikini Atoll with a Korg analog synth and a space echo. It was pretty SWEET. So thanks to the marvellous Track and fieldpeople for that!

GIGS! coming up

26th November Shhhh! a day of quiet music Leeds Packhorse, Birdwar for info.. Just note this will be me on my lonesome ie econolone

27th November Surrounded (deep elm), Voo, D louis baker, Blood Red Shoes, Little explorer, econolone, Manchester The Phoenix, again this'll be me on my own, this starts around 4pm I think,

30th November Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Fupper, who is one of my compatriots in blackhorse and does a great line in tape manipulations/electronics and singing and songwriting, + econolone this is for my good friend Andy Z'

4th DecemberJunktion 7, Canning circus Nottingham econolone opening for Rainer Maria

then it's me and Piers again!

22nd December Que Bar, Margate with Little Lights MERRY CHRISTMAS


Jason Anderson (*HE'S SO AWESOME) a couple of weeks ago in Loughborough Jcn of all places, the Death Cab' For Cutie DVD piers bought me for my birthday, rereading the Watchmen (which Jane got me for my birthday), having a week off and recording the vocals for our new material, and the new calexico/ Iron and wine collaboration. CHEERS ian.

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