Monday, November 28, 2005



This weekend that's exactly what I did, and disappointingly wasn't snowed in anywhere or anything. SHAME, thanks must go out to Drew and Luke Birdwar in Leeds for sorting out their all dayer, I was only able to catch Aaron Stout and McWatt before I had to shoot over to Manchester, but both were great and I'm sure the other acts kept up the high standards. It was particularly good to catch up with Chris hardmen and Gareth "bologna pony" Hardwick, to hear about amusing developments in the Nott's area, prior to my gig there next sunday. Manchester was also really good, despite the fact that me and Jane managed to get lost somewhere in Cheshire on sunday lunch and were therefore late! Nevermind, D Louis Baker was awesome as were Blood Red Shoes I didn't get to stay and watch Voo (but I did pick up one of their extremely nicely packaged 7"s) or the little explorer (whose website seems to have disappeared) or Surrounded.. but I'm sure they all indie rocked the house. Thanks to Andy and Meng (sp? I hope that's right).. for the biscuits and the chance to play to the good folks of the greater manchester area..


30th November Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Fupper, who is one of my compatriots in blackhorse and does a great line in tape manipulations/electronics and singing and songwriting, + econolone this is for my good friend Andy Z'

4th DecemberJunktion 7, Canning circus Nottingham econolone opening for Rainer Maria with the Jesus Years and The Racing days

then it's me and Piers again!

10th Decemberthe Star Guildford, with our old buddies caretaker and our soon to be buddies flatlands. Both of whom are significantly heavy ass.

16th December
The King's Head Crouch End, Xmas party for the Local people
Bikini Atol
The singing Adams
Hush The Many
Spencer de Vere

+ many more all doing 10 min's apparently, some drinking implied.

22nd December Que Bar, Margate with Little Lights MERRY CHRISTMAS

BAD THINGS My mate Nick Miller's car windscreen smashing when he and Liz Ill ease were en route to the Shhh! all dayer in Leeds, BOO,
GOOD THINGS they are both alright though as far as I know.

Ta ian

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