Thursday, November 03, 2005


GIGS coming up

15th November Jeffrey Lewis Band, Schwervon, econoline the Water rats theatre Gray' Inn Road (king's cross north London)

This will be ace, Jeff' Lewis was mighty at the Greenman, even though he only played about four songs, hopefully we will get him to do his tune about Will Oldham on the subway, check Track and field for details and tickets which you will need to swipe up quick as it's selling out!

26th November Shhhh! a day of quiet music Leeds Packhorse, Birdwar for info (or scroll down for the line up).. Just note this will be me on my lonesome ie econolone

27th November Surrounded (deep elm), Voo, D louis baker, Blood Red Shoes, Little explorer, econolone, Manchester The Phoenix, again this'll be me on my own, this starts around 4pm I think,

30th November Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Emmy the Great, econolone this is for my good friend Andy Z'

Hooray. Also MORE consistent radioing from cielo liquido WOT A GUY!

My birthday on Halloween, presents included The watchmen graphic novel, some personal indicators to go over my ears, a cabasa, a thumb piano, and a book on how to play the ukele. I WIN. Other good things Wolf Colonel coming up in london on sunday night so I get to see Jason for the first time in ages, I'm being good live last week, and their new album on jonson family, the curry I made last night, and Jane's birthday on friday. TA ian

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