Sunday, October 23, 2005


more airplay and STUFF

Fernando, (THE SAINT) over at cielo liquido in spain has played ANOTHER track off our CDr, this time you can also hear the marvellous Pattern is Movement, Broken Social Scene, Pelican and the sinking citizenship over at his website. Rob Da Bank on his late night saturday show THE BLUE ROOM on radio 1 was kind enough to play Viborg of the CDr EP again. That show is awesome so if you're travelling late or just up early! at that time on a saturday (5 am I think) it's a proper eclectic mix. In other news we did a couple of gigs this week, and can report that Ryan's Bar in stoke newington has good Thai food, but the juke box was kind of stuck on the story of the clash which got a bit wearing third time round. Friday's show for knom at the king's head was great. We looked like this
Image hosted by
although we did move a bit as well. In fact Howard from Knom (and Billy Mahonie GO AND SEE THEM ON TOUR THIS WEEK) offered to have us back for his special xmas show with the broken Family band, kyote, notorious hi fi killers, and numerous others.. So hopefully he won't forget.

Not much 'til november now, Provisionally

25/11 Sheffield (A PARTY)
26/11 Leeds Packhorse Woodhouse Lane SHHHH! a day of quiet music with
David Thomas Broughton
Last of the Real Hardmen
Aaron Stout
Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Things in Herds
Benjamin Wetherill.
Viking Moses
info at Birdwar records

Then in December we've got a few things including hopefully a couple of Xmas party shows.. that we'll be fulling learning carols and stuff for! SMART

Pattern is Movement's new album, Erin Tobey's self titled album (check who are distroing it.. like Joanna newsom crossed with Billy Bragg).Fupper live last week at the windmill, Lords, Bilge Pump and particularly SOEZA live at the Vibe bar for a badge of friendship. The seriously awesome Ragga/ Dancehall versions of "i will survive" and "girls Just wanna have fun" that we heard in the car on radio 1 on the way home on friday at about 1am. The Merch from Ill ease (pink panties!), and making egg's fiorentine with swiss chard for lunch, MMMM.

ta ian

If you're interested in Pattern is Movement, I just heard an interview with them at the podcast 75 MInutes.

or I think you can search for it on iTunes.
Thanks very much! I will check that out.
PS i reviewed the Pattern is Movement album on

ta ian
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