Monday, September 05, 2005



will you look at these!

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Jane's really cracked it now, these are going at a fair clip, so get orders in swiftly.. turn around is whenever I can get to the post office so sorry if some people waited a while for their's!


As mentioned below we are on resonance FM next week (14/9 5pm BST on, the Glass Shrimp show), we also have some VERY good news concerning our friends over at Stupid Cat records and a certain album we have been waiting to release since 2003.. Hooray! More on that when they get back off their holidays.

Nights out in Ramsgate, Whipsnade wild animal park complete with roaming mother and baby elephants, Oneida's record "the wedding" which I just scored on vinyl, This ain't vegas' new 7", the unmastered copy of the Lords album I have on my itunes, NICK CAVE and his BAD SEEDS at the Alexandra palace, and last and definitely not least, The Stooges last week in hammersmith. Mike Watt looked like he was experiencing nirvana onstage and iggy pop went "well mental". IT WAS ACE.

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