Friday, September 30, 2005


econoline on spanish radio and radio 1 in the Uk (and online SOME MORE!)

With a generosity of spirit that brings a tear to my eye, the marvellous Fernando over at cielo liquido in spain has played two more tracks off our CDr, one this week and one last (check the link and you can still listen to both shows, as well as tracks by our buddies caretaker, this ain't vegas, Charlottefield, and sleater kinney (I may be lying about being friends with the last one). Also last night (thursday 29/9) Rob Da Bank on ONE MUSIC on radio 1 was kind enough to play Viborg of the CDr EP as well! If you click on the link you can listen to his show (with Broadcast in session), online. While you're here, why not scroll down to buy one of 'em, Jane's been ironing the latest bunch just this week.


We did two recording sessions just recently, one with Steve Ansell in Brighton, on his 16 track with him on the tub's and it ruled we got 4 tracks done, all the vocals and everything down on that (including some back ups from your man ansell) and that's being mixed as i type. Then last weekend we went into Mute studios in west london and did 6 tracks of music, with valentina of querelle infamy, that was more involved and we haven't anywhere near finished those, but it's all on the way.


coming up
20/10 Rock Night Satellite 5'
Ryan's Bar
181 Stoke Newington Church St
N16 0UL

Mystery Meat
The Neon Plastix
+ Special Guests

First band prompt - late
£4/3 with flyer/Artrocker card

We will be rocking it up at this show, guitar and drums and all sorts

21/10 Local Night for local people
King's Head
Crouch end Broadway

Ill Ease
Plus Pop quiz and DJ's
£5 starts at 8pm

we will be doing all the quiet ones at this show

More things coming in november, the IOTA show got cancelled but hopefully we'll get down to the seaside at some point!

LOST, come on admit that this is kicking some TV ass, Totally Scott Lee on sky, surely these people aren't real? "Recks" by Penthouse which i scored the other day whilst Tim Cedar was manning the recording desk for my other band Hey Colossus, the Unit AMA's CDr in a bible cover, the Fall's new album, Fupper's forthcoming CD "winter babies" and "don't fear the reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. Also it's two of my nieces birthdays next week (8 and 14 years old in date order) and I get to go and buy them presents. Which is always good.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Cielo Liquido

the lovely Fernando over at cielo liquido in spain, has been kind enough to play the first track off our EP, so you can check it out and listen to the 12/9/05 show.. we're the third track in! THANKS FERNANDO!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Thanks for the messages!

So, yesterday we did a radio session for the Glass Shrimp folks, on resonance 104.4 Fm, and it was jolly nice all round, and particularly thanks to all those who got in touch to say they heard it! It's really easy to imagine that no one but the two engineer chaps are actually hearing it at all so hats off! So thanks for that, hopefully we will get a copy of the session and when I find the cashola and the internet knowhow to get a proper site going we will try and put them online. In other news


This weekend we're hopefully going to laydown 4 tracks with Steve Ansell, of the mighty projections/ blood red shoes, behind the desk and the drums, and then next weekend we're going into Mute with Anne (esteemed engineer of the noisestar split 12" series) and Valentina out of that querelle on the drums. SO THAT'S EXCITING. Songs slated for recording include,

"that's my dog", "Miracle fish", "if you can't find it, grind it", "the one that sounds a bit like husker du", "lemons"," the one that goes DUN DUN DUN DUN DUH, you know" and others that we haven't even got vague names for.. but we'll come up with something.

A couple of things are being pencilled in

20th London Rock night satellite 5 Ryan's Bar with Mystery Meat, and The Neon Plastix
21st London Local night for local people (king's head crouch end) with Ill Ease
22nd Ramsgate (HELL YES) IOTA gallery afternoon show with Ill Ease

26th Leeds Packhorse, SHHHH! a day of quiet music, with Last of the real hardmen, Ill ease, many others of outstanding quality!

as you can see a couple of those shows are with Ill ease, she is Elizabeth Sharp formerly drummer in the marvellous New Radiant Storm King, who last year made a great solo record for Too Pure, and who is over from the US for a bunch of gigs, (also including Audioscope in Oxford). So there you go!


Deerhoof playing in a couple of weeks! Pit er Pat at the windmill last week, Snowblood live in a great new venue called Tonic up in stoke newington last tuesday. That Kelly Clarkson song "since U been gone", Piers giving me the Billy Joel album with "my life" on it on vinyl. AND LAST FM RADIO.. you people should sign up for this.. if you go to lastfm you can download a plugin that collects all the songs you listen to and then tells you other stuff you might like, you can also download the radio player and then it will play songs that it thinks you will like based on the stuff you listen to! IT'S LIKE WITCHCRAFT but good. I am user ians so by all means add me, and check out how much rubbish i listen to at work. THANKS ian

Monday, September 05, 2005



will you look at these!

Image hosted by

Jane's really cracked it now, these are going at a fair clip, so get orders in swiftly.. turn around is whenever I can get to the post office so sorry if some people waited a while for their's!


As mentioned below we are on resonance FM next week (14/9 5pm BST on, the Glass Shrimp show), we also have some VERY good news concerning our friends over at Stupid Cat records and a certain album we have been waiting to release since 2003.. Hooray! More on that when they get back off their holidays.

Nights out in Ramsgate, Whipsnade wild animal park complete with roaming mother and baby elephants, Oneida's record "the wedding" which I just scored on vinyl, This ain't vegas' new 7", the unmastered copy of the Lords album I have on my itunes, NICK CAVE and his BAD SEEDS at the Alexandra palace, and last and definitely not least, The Stooges last week in hammersmith. Mike Watt looked like he was experiencing nirvana onstage and iggy pop went "well mental". IT WAS ACE.

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