Wednesday, August 24, 2005



Got back on monday night from the Greenman where an awesome time was had by all, although less so for Piers on the monday morning when it was throwing it down with rain on his tent. The sound of it almost woke me up in the B & B but I just about managed to get through it. HO HO. Anyway Highlights for me were Superwolf, Joanna Newsom, Alasdair roberts, Scatter, aberfeldy, Broken family, band and the absentee, and lot's of other stuff was ace too, but in the end, the cider (and mead) were the winners overall. I will hopefully put some pictures up from that later in the week. Last nights gig in Derby went staggeringly well, and the organisers laid on cheese and some awesome chutney, that's what shows are all about, more food in DIY. Also we sold almost all of our test run of the new ec' CDr's we've decided we're going to make 100 (that should be enough to break the sewing machine). Hopefully if I've done it right I've added a paypal button below so people can email their address on, pay on paypal (either through their paypal account on with a credit or debit card, and be the proud owner of a four track CDr! If that works out, then we'll put some other stuff up online too, we have one box of the go team 7"s left and some copies of the breakfast of champions 7" and the 1st EP too. No gigs booked as we are tantalisingly close to releasing "this band isn't funny anymore" just need to ink the "deal" as it were.. so we'll be waiting for that to be out (still).

good things Greenman, Chutney from Derby, sleeping in my own bed, not wearing the same trousers as I did for four days.

TA, love ian

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