Tuesday, July 12, 2005



July 12th,

So with London being bombed and all that last week I didn't get round to posting, hope all is well with everyone we know in London, I think I saw/ heard from most of the folk we know, let's hope we all stay that way. Anyway..

We have two in the next seven days

Sunday 17th July

Jonson family/ noisestar all dayer at the Yacht club Victoria Embankment WC2R 2PN there's a map here



Part Chimp - 10.30 - Finish
Bilge Pump - 10.00
The Wow - 9.30
Thee More Shallows - 9.00
Hey Colossus - 8.00
Headquarters - 7.30
Blood Red Shoes - 7.00
Querelle - 6.30
The Arm - 6.00
Itch - 5.30
Hotplate - 5.00
Yuchi - 4.30
Charlottfield- 4.00
Econoline - 3.30
Montana Pete - 3.00

as you can see we are on early doors, tickets are available in advance here


for £6.50

nice directions are on www.noisestar.co.uk


Tuesday 19th July

at the Betsy Trotwood on faringdon road http://www.plumpromotions.co.uk/ for directions

This is with Rothko, playing post rock niceness, from London, and Thee More shallows, playing beautiful US indie rock tunes, from San Francisco.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is £6.. but mail me if you want to get on a paying list (AND GIVE ME A REASON I SHOULD DO IT TOO!). TA ian

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