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LOOK if you want to go to Holland expect this sort of thing to happen all the time,

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Or maybe that was just because we were hanging with this dude

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Bas Jacobs, noted poet, label guy, bass player, guitar player arranger of smart weekends.. Here he is pictured DECLAIMING a goddamn poem in his back garden last sunday, where we swiftly followed him by playing some of our music. It was ace! We spent the whole day wandering around the east side of amsterdam to art galleries, bike shops, peoples houses and the like and watched a load of people do little solo sets and full bands whilst eating food people had prepared for us and drinking free booze. I imagine heaven is pretty similar. We also played with one of Bas' bands the day before, that looked like this

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This is Pfaff rocking the Dutch country folks in Emmerlord which appeared to be the dutch version of Milton Keynes.. BUT WITH A GREAT ROCK CLUB! We had a good time there too, hopefully we will be able to get back to Holland once we have some stuff released again, and maybe to visit some other euro buddies of ours in Norway, Finland, Italy and Ireland.. that's all to come later in the year!


We actually finished the album "this band isn't funny anymore" months ago (or more accurately Dave Holmes finished it for us as we don't have a clue about that sort of thing. Lorraine from Seriously Groovy has laid out Valentina's artwork and there's an animated ad on the seriously groovy site that gives you an idea of just how swish it will look. So obviously we're just waiting for the last few piecs of the jigsaw, but just the other night, after coming roughly last in the local pub quiz, Piers and I finished the B sides for the columbia CD EP.. That track was available online from www.seriouslygrooy.com but dashed soon it will be available for mail order as a 5 track CDr EP in handmade sleeves.. We finalise details on thursday with a bit of luck.. and once the EP is out we wager that the album should follow?

Things that have been rocking me,
Lego Star Wars for the playstation 2, (WOW), Enablers, who also played in Emmerlord and were ace, Oneida live last week in London.. insanely good, the prospect of dinosaur Jr's original line up is what's keeping us awake at nights this week, and we also enjoyed these crazy snack things in holland which appear to be chip shop curry sauce wrapped in bread crumbs and deep fried. Holy moley you should try one, they're called Kroket's, consider yourselves told. TA ian

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