Monday, June 27, 2005


End of June hot summer type NEWS

Hi, it's been a long time (ish) since we rapped at ya, but we've kind of been beavering behind the scenes, and thought we'd keep much of it to ourselves you know. ANYWAY, Some news we have a gig in London next month

Tuesday July 19th
The Betsy Trotwood, Faringdon, We'll be playing with thee more shallows, a kind of Yo La Tengo/ built to spill/ beautiful tuneage type band from San Francisco, and noted experimentallers Rothko from London, i'm not sure what line up they are rocking these days, I still remember the three bassists from the first time i saw them confusing people in the hope 'n' anchor around the turn of the century (!). Two bands whose records I have enjoyed. Thee More Shallows are over to record a session for Rob da Bank, and are on the marvellous which is worth a visit should you enjoy the likes of 65 days of static, Stinking Lizaveta or Picastro (as well as TMS) ..

also i stumbled upon

which is one of our new tracks for 86p! A BARGAIN. This is the below mentioned download of the Columbia from "this band isn't funny anymore" so if you have 86p burning a whole in your bank account.. why not check it out. In other news our good buddy Bas is over with his band the Ik Jan Cremers who sound to these ears like a cross between evil superstars and Bilge Pump, and ROCK. They are playing London, bardens room 2 with my other band hey colossus on 8th July, and leeds chinchilla fest at the brudenell social club on 9th of July. So support the international noisy oddness scene and get along to them.

Things that have been rocking these past weeks

Joanna newsom's the milk eyed mender, the broken family band live (and their new album, welcome home loser), currituck county live, the film "trading places", seinfeld season four on paramount comedy (Sneakily timed to make me buy the DVD), Dinosaur Jr still ringing in my ears from the first week of June. My nieces and nephew on their trampoline. The last episode of Dr Who, the magic numbers single forever lost, eaves (superb german metalcore) live, and their album, Trojan Dub hits CD (including the skatalites version of "Guns of Navarone"), Stowford press cider, flip down sunglasses to go over my spec's and factor 30 sunblock.

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