Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Yes we have some coming up

10/5/ 05 Brighton, the Freebutt, Albion Place, it's the brighton festival this week and this gig is part of the brighton fringe with us, cello bela, GRzzly and Twisted Scantling.. It's £5 in arranged by the dudes at Slightly Off Kilter.

14/5/05 London Notting Hill Arts Cafe, RoTa afternoon FREE gig, this place is great, does cheap booze and the show's run between 4pm and 7pm.. THERE WILL BE MUCH JOY HERE, econoline, with Pfaff from holland doing their crazy two drummer thing, and Joe/ Simon Stanton's new expansive, electronic but human sounding project BLACKHORSE.. (it's all one word apparently).

Then we're off to Holland,

28/5/05 Emmeloord O.J.C. De Klos to play with Enablers, Pfaff, and Dan Geesin. there's a website here.. http://www.flevocultuur.nl/noordoostpolder/deklos/3350.html but it's all Double dutch to me.. haha .. sorry,

29/5/05 Amsterdam "Wijsjes uit het Oosten" festival, 36B, Amsterdam. I think this is actually being held in a bunch of different people's houses and loads of different people are performing and doing their THINGs it will be smart! Details are on

http://pfaff.musicweb.nl again some dutch implied.

In other news, I saw the broken family band the other day, and lo it was good. The absentee opened and were pretty grand too. I also managed to catch I had an inkling, from manchester, opening for 65 days of static at the garage and they were post punk as all get out, I thoroughly enjoyed their fall stylings. Piers also went out and saw six toes with their new cellist at teh 12 bar, which I am informed was most enjoyable, we recorded some B sides (4, COUNT THEM, 4) for a mooted handmade CDr EP on Seriously Groovy after the fashion of the emetrex ones they did. So expect it to come in a nice fabric bag and look HOT. Lead track will be former download tune and former Steve Lamacq/ John kennedy hot sound (well they both played it more than once). The Columbia, which is about a hotel, in west london, that I went to once, and had a drink with the guitarist from thrash metallers testament, he was a top chap, but in general I came down in the against lobby wrt to that particular establishment. TA ian.

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