Thursday, April 07, 2005


A quick bit to clarify

April 7th,

Just to note that our next few gigs are

April 18th London Windmill Brixton (blenheim gardens up brixton hill) for with the marvellous Mates of State from the US of A, and Napoleon the third.. we're on first which at the windmill usually means about 8.45ish, it's £5 to get in and tickets are available in advance at

May 10th Brighton The Freebutt, this is part of the Brighton fringe festival, it's £5 and there's lots of ART happening and stuff with us and BELA EMERSON, GRZZLY, ADAM LYGO & PAUL MORGAN.

May 14th London RoTa free afternoon show, with us, Pfaff, Blackhorse (people from Stanton making electronic weirdness with a live rhythm section and all manner of manipulations) and maybe one more. That kicks off around 3.30pm and goes 'til 7ish.

Plus some more stuff to be going on with later in the month but we'll bring the sordid details later. Right I'm off to listen to Arcade fire, magnetic fields, former bullies, the postal service and the dinosaur Jr reissues. If you've any sense you'll do the same.

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