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Welcome to the new econoline weblog, basically the demise of the last domain name etc, coincided with us going 'offline' ourselves for a little while but we're back now, so here's the news. econoline is back into gear but with a new line up

Piers Chandler, Guitar, accordion, keyboard, drums, programming, bass

Ian Scanlon, guitar, keyboards, singing, drums, computers, etc

and a new sound, we've been writing stuff and are currently working on new material, eg a cover of schizophrenia by sonic youth, as well assisting Mr Dave Holmes of Seriously Groovy in putting the very final of final touchs to our 2nd album for them, "this band isn't funny anymore". Two of the tracks from that session are avaiable on vinyl "Go Team!"/ "29/10/02" and that's available through shellshock from today. another of the tracks "the columbia" you can buy at and the rest will be out SHORTLY. In the meantime we are kicking back and listening to the new bjork album, menomena, GBV (RIP), TV on the radio, palace brothers and Iron and Wine. You have to ask yourself why you aren't too. To inaugurate the new line up we are doing the traditional PLAY SOME GIGS thing.. and here they are

March 28th Manchester Retro bar w. dead men win fights, and former bullies

April 18th Brixton the windmill with mates of state and the research (tickets from

May 10th (tbc) Brighton Freebutt as part of the brighton fringe festival

as soon as I can find a reliable young person to help me there will be pictures and mp3's attached to this blog. STAY TUNED


i'm looking foward to seeing Econoline gain...gimmie some dates and i'll book a G Town duo, does this mean accoustic?

Sort of Ken, there's a laptop involved, some drums occasionally some electric guitar, we're flexible shall we say!
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