Wednesday, March 16, 2005



Firstly long time BUDDY of the band Dr David Crofts is the father of a lovely baby girl, Florence, and Pat of fellow Indie rock dudes Cove has also been the recipient of a similarly lovely baby unknown at time of press though. Congratulations to all...

Look a picture... and this only took me about 2 weeks to figure out!

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That's us in a garage, using garageband (on my ibook) to make some garage rock.. afterwards we listened to some UK garage and then went to the garage to buy some pasties.. My brother, Neil took this picture. Unlike me he is aesthetically minded and even made us look alright. He actually took loads of better ones of my nieces pretending to be the band instead.. as we thought we could do with an image change but I couldn't do a very good vocal impression of a preteen girl. Never mind. Any way some more gigs confirmed/ pencilled in

28/3 Manchester Retro bar for with former Bullies and dead men win fights, it's easter monday so it's Eggsile on main street..

18/4 Windmill brixton for with Mates of State who are lovely people, and the research who I am assured are amazing.

21/4 bardens Boudoir w/ Thee More shallows (a great US three piece) and more

10/5 Brighton Freebutt for the fringe festival (tbc)

some more stuff coming including a really speciall show at Bardens with some awesome folk.. and some dates in Holland with Pfaff, enablers and others (especially looking forward to playing in someones house in amsterdam).. our record's pretty much done and the 7" is in the shops! great NEXT week.. audio (maybe)

love to all.

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