Tuesday, August 15, 2006



Yes, things, all sorts, stuff, and the rest, all happening around here. firstly the tracklist and release date (october time) for the cable tribute has been announced and also the order in which the tracks are getting streamed on myspace(?!?) this is news But anyway we are grateful to signature tune records and drowned in sound for letting the people know. We recorded a version of the Clairvoyant off the blue birds are blue single which has long been a favourite where myself and Mr Chandler are concerned. Other releases from our own sleeves are planned for the autumn.. more on that later in the year.. Firstly we are off to Holland as half of blood red shoes is going on holiday so we're pinching the other half.

12/9 Amsterdam Upstairs at the Paradiso, Transformed dreams night
13/9 Utrecht Ekko
15/9 Castricum Bakerij w/ persil and zea

nice we're also hoping to do some dates with the BRS duo in Spain in October.

No Uk dates booked 'til Late October, but we may do some bits and bobs if we get asked to do anything good! HINT HINT

Good Things
Aotea's set last week in London, scratchy unpleasantness from the fens, the blood red shoes radio session for huw stephen's broadcast tonight or archived for a week herenice. Also Film four being free and showing a load of studio Ghibli movies, perfect for the underemployed
TA ian

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


pinch, punch, first of the month.

Big up to the east of England, Piers and I just spent a fruitful weekend bringing the duo style econoline to suffolk and Norfolk, whilst enjoying the comforts of east anglia of an evening. Thanks must go out to Beat Motel zine in Ipswich and Wombat Wombat in Norwich for their respective all dayer organisational skills. Thanks must also go to the metereological conditions over the weekend and their clemency yesterday which enabled us to sit my the seaside and eat our packed lunch before going to mix four tracks with Mr Steven Ansell, of Blood red shoes soon to be fame. They sound great and we're also very pleased with our home recorded stuff, the four songs off the shirt EP (re mixed and mastered), and six more songs that we recorded ourselves, so that's looking like an album right there, details to follow. We have two more shows coming up


7/8 Cambridge The Loft upstairs at the graduate, £3 in, it's acoustic set time.

8/8 London catch 22 Howl presents, econoline, october all over, aotea and one more, it's ROCK set time we are joined by mr Timothy Hall formerly of hey colossus to fill out the sound.

more to come


Our friend the atom's set on saturday, the rebecca's on sunday, the barbeque piers and I managed to assemble, light, keep going, and actually cook on on friday.. All good.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Independence day!

Just think, it was only a few years ago that those brave americans done in those aliens on behalf of the world. Well done, some warmongering is worthwhile I suppose! Anyway, this is a quick thing to announce that we're now allowed to talk about this Cable tribute album that's coming out (although it got announced on the omnipresent Drownedinsound while ago) but yes, we recorded a track for it, and so did many other worthies, including stapleton, Tom Vek, Derby locals Fixit kid, and many, many more.. details are HERE preorder it go and listen to all the old cable records and stuff. CHEERS ian.

Friday, June 30, 2006


isn't it wasn't it

The best thing about the world cup so far you ask? Well i'd have to go for Damo Suzuki's rant about not being able to get home through the crowds. I urge everyone to sign up to his mailing list to get his amazing emails, the man can not only still "bring it" with a stageful of random blokes every night with his sound carrying antics, he also has alot to say about wherever it is he's just been. SO I'll follow his lead, Last weeks show with De Rosa was jolly nice, and enlivened by many anecdotes from Chemikal Underground's head honcho's who were accompanying their charges around the UK. The band themselves were mighty personable and rocked it up live, the Metro is kind of an odd shape, but the sound guy was a good chap, who seemed to take a great delight in playing songs each band had clearly ripped off women of the world take over by Jim 'O' Rourke got the nod after we played. It was also good to see some of old friends at the show, hat's off for missing the end of the football. Anyway we are in the process of booking some more ROCK gigs in august, news on those as we have them, and finalising our plans for our trips to Holland and Spain for later in the year, 'til then.


18/7 Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London for a badge of friendship with our good friends last of the real hardmen

29/7The Steamboat, Ipswich, all dayer we're on outside in the garden, nice!

30/7Waterloo Park, Norwich, another all dayer and we're on outside in a bandstand for Wombat Wombat, lovely. Bring sunblock!

Our album "this band isn't funny anymore" g should Barring disasters be in the real honest to goodness shops.. So perhaps mosey along to your favourite independent outlet and get one! (or order direct from the links below if you don't want to leave the comfort of your burrow)

Good things
Having moved, I can say that good things are.. getting other people to do moving for you, because it's hard. Last week I took my car to be serviced.. a headlight bulb wanted replacing.. they told me they didn't like to replace these bulbs as it was "hard".. I think i will try this in my next job.. Sorry I don't want to do that, it's a bit.. well you know, difficult, is that okay? That'll be £300 anyway. THANKS. BUT I DIGRESS.. Other good things leaving work as you get presents, and get to watch interesting documentaries about easter island.. Their big mistake.. Cutting down all the trees. I could've told them that, but who asked me.. Thanks for reading, Ian.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Quick note


For Thursday at the metro Here, sadly they didn't get round to putting us on the website.. but we are playing! It's £5 in advance!


Monday, June 19, 2006


bless me blogger

For I have sinned, it's been a couple of months since my last posting.. I was wooed by Myspace, but I decided to switch back to this, I keep thinking about Rupert Murdoch in the simpson's, you know the one where Homer et al go to the superbowl. ANYWAY, I digress. MUCH has happened since I last rapped at you. For one thing Jane and I have got a house in Cambridge.. which now renders econoline a truly national band. Here's to the hundreds of pounds the people at BR and the Dartford crossing are going to make out of us!


"this band isn't funny anymore" is released on July 3rd, through cargo, on stupidcat records! Huzzah! Read what the good people of the internet have said about it


This Band isn’t Funny Anymore 2006 Stupid Cat

“..this is basically a pure pop record with schizophrenia. Recorded in 2003 but delayed by financial constraints, it’s a journey between acoustic turned heads and amps on full blast…This Band… might own the throwaway summer given the chance. “Lend Me a Friend” is reminiscent of Neil Finn and Teenage Fanclub at their most cantankerous. Scanlon testifies, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth…its nothing to shout about” with the manner of a community worker that you’d actually trust. …A Charm Offensive” is just that. Commercial as REM and Wilco on a bright day, bulky like My Bloody Valentine or Q and Not U, and bleep ridden at the finish. ... The aptly titled “go team!” pulps pop aesthetics like its namesake. Combining Corgan melancholia and Busted harmonies, it transforms bad employment into great lyrical copy. A parting proclamation that “then it’s over, you find there is no beautiful house…it’s just you, and an endless succession of days, each one worse than the last” is worthy of Jack Dee. I can’t offer many frills to sell this band. London based, and now constituting Scanlon, guitarist Piers Chandler “and whoever we can pressgang into playing”, according to the front man’s enclosed handwritten note. What matters is that This Band…blows most people with organized PR out of the water. A widescreen, best of the circumstances homage to life and its lapses. Buy this and right several wrongs.

Thomas Lee treblezine

“…after possible best track of the year ‘A Charm Offensive’ dies down and everything seems to be settling into a groove, tracks like ‘Go Team!’ mix it up all over again with spoken word vocals duelling with a playground chorus, whilst an acoustic fights off a barrage of drums and a wall of electric fuzz.
‘This Band Isn’t Funny Anymore’ is a smart album that focuses on quality of songs and lastability rather than a one hit wonder factor and although there are constant influences running throughout, it is important to just let go and take them for what they are.”

From gigwise

"...the songs' charms worm their way into the deepest recesses of your listening gear - initial so-what thoughts are replaced by an incessant nodding of the head and tapping of the toes, by an optimism that lasts right through until the closing 'Go Team!'. There are many bands, most of them American, that ply a finer line in this sort of college rock, but Econoline's experience offers them a distinct advantage over their domestic peers; thus, these songs resonate with a greater emotional force than many a similar release..
.. The Pavement and Seafood-fancying previously uninitiated will find much to cherish here.
Rating: 7/10

Mike Diver from drownedinsound

Why not purchase it! NOW! COME ON! we'll send you a free badge which piers' just got made, they have a lovely picture of a van on. Get it direct from this link mail order

£8 inside the UK,

£9 Outside


Yes we're still playing, we've done a couple of shows since the tour, one with Tim from Hey Colossus on drums (opening for the mighty mighty Elf Power who were wicked, and nice people to boot, and one at the windmill with the squelchy goodness of chow chow. Look out for the chow's as they are being courted by all manner of labels, producers and ladies. Anyway, that was meant to be rocking but traffic on the A23 knocked us down to a two piece again.. but we kicked it white stripes style (although it was a push trying to persuade people Piers was my sister.

Thursday Night, we're playing the Metro, on oxford street with Scot's indie wags "de rosa" who are really good in a kind of Rogue Wave/ scratchy indie rock fashion

22/6 Metro Oxford Street (tottenham court road end)

De Rosa hear them!
econoline hear us

I think we're on at 8.30 as it's an early finish for the show.

More stuff coming up

18/7 Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London for a badge of friendship with our good friends last of the real hardmen

29/7The Steamboat, Ipswich, all dayer we're on outside in the garden, nice!

30/7Waterloo Park, Norwich, another all dayer and we're on outside in a bandstand for Wombat Wombat, lovely.

7/8The Loft, Cambridge,

8/8Catch 22, Shoreditch, London w/ october all over for Howl

GOOD THINGS Too many to mention since last time really, but most recently, aberfeldy live last week, the new the delgado's peel sessions double album, plan B printing one of Jane's Photo's of the broken family band, the new hey colossus line up without me and Tim! Also of course, there's football, but I'd like to give an honourable mention to the cricket and rugby (although England keep getting thrashed at that). Bad things, my youngest niece has really bad chicken pox and is in hospital, boo to you stupid virus rubbish, it gave me shingles last year.. isn't that bad enough? LOVE TO ALL.


Monday, April 10, 2006



From our tour! Despite injuring my head, catching a cold, and spending roughly half of every day driving, it was a jolly good time. Much thanks must go out to the numerous promoters and top people that let us stay in their house and all the bands who played with us. I will be going through all their myspaces/ websites and putting up links here and on our myspace. I also managed to pick up some great second hand records from rob's in nottingham, and we also ate extremely well! Two more dates in the next week

15/4/06 Manchester the Klondyke, Bearsuit, Voo, econolone (solo show)

18/4/06 London The Vibe Bar, Projections, econoline, Muchos Perros FREE A badge of Friendship night

GOOD THINGS Too numerous to mention, Getting home to Jane was actually the best I think! But projections sets in newcastle and oxford rank highly, also watching thin lizzy 'til 4am in nottingham and the Adelphi in Hull in general!.. AWESOME.

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